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School Operations
From headquarter to school districts, SchoolPal SIS streamlines all your administrative processes, such as admission, finance, teaching, administration, application, communication and more, thus helps you to achieve delicacy management.
Empowered Teachers
SchoolPal SIS offers smart scheduling, procedural academic evaluation and flexible management on electives and attendance to help teachers maximize time spent on education.
Students Growth
Through real-time feedback and comprehensive growth profile based on knowledge graph, students can see where and why their strengths and weaknesses lie, empowering themselves to make big leaps.
Family Engagement
By pushing instant notifications, allowing accesses to ask for leave, select electives and providing big-picture views of calendar, payment, events, application as well as grade book on mobile, SchoolPal SIS helps to bridge the gaps among parents, students, teachers and schools.
60 Reasons Why SchoolPal SIS
Tailored for Full-time Schools
Based on our ten-year experience and common needs of schools, SchoolPal SIS was born to solve your problems
Integrated Management
Effectively streamline admission, finance, teaching, administration, career and family engagement
Collectivized Management
Real-time gathering data cross schools, departments and students to support collectivized management perfectly
Acquired strong endorsement from Yungu School, Vanke Education Group, Cogdel Eductaion Group etc. by offering unmatched sophistication
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